Podgórze District

Formerly declared by the Emperor of Austria, Joseph II, the Free Royal City. Officially connected to Kraków first in 1915, for which it was meant to be a dynamically developing competition. A district with a tragical history from the times of the Second World War. Feeling intrigued? Let us take a walk through Podgórze – learn another side of Kraków.

Duration: about 2 hours
For whom?

For everyone, especially for those, who already have seen the Old Town, Wawel, Kazimierz and would like to see something a little bit different.

What could you see in Podgórze?

  • The former Jewish Ghetto of Kraków with Ghetto Wall
  • The Ghetto Heroes Square
  • Eagle Pharmacy: Exhibition tickets paid additionally 9-14,-PLN. Booking guide for visiting the exhibition costs 110,-PLN/1 hour or 60,-PLN/0.5 hour for one group.
  • The Podgórze Museum: Entrance to Podgórze Museum is to be paid additional 6-12,-PLN/person. You can also book guide for visiting museum with the price 110,-PLN for the group.
  • St. Joseph’s Church
  • The Market Square of Podgórze
  • St. Benedict Church
  • Krak Mound
  • Independence Square
  • Father Bernatek Footbridge
  • Murals