Old Town

Krakow Old Town – entered in the list of the world cultural heritage of UNESCO 1978,  still delights today with its beauty. It is medieval chartered city and one of the most outstanding examples of European urban planning,characterised by the harmonious development and accumulation of features representing all architectural styles from the early Romanesque to the Modernist periods.

Duration: about 2-4 h

What you could see?

›Main Market Square

›Gothic St. Mary’s Church

›Town Hall Tower

›Cloth Hall

›The Juliusz Słowacki Theatre

›The Adam Mickiewicz Monument



›St. Florian’s Gate

›Medieval Fortifications (city walls)

› Floriańska Street

›Grodzka Street

›Kanonicza Street

›Dominican Church

›Church of St. Francis of Assisi

›Collegium Maius

›Church of St. Adalbert

›Church of St. Anne

›Saints Peter and Paul Church

›St. Andrew’s Church

›University District

Important: Visiting old town could be connected with Wawel route. For more information, please contact me.