Legends of Cracow

Cracow, as other Polish cities, has its interesting legends – magical stories connected with some places or buildings. Have you heard maybe the legend of the Wawel Dragon or about Cracow’s famous bugle call (“Hejnał”)? You can hear these and many other magical stories walking through Wawel hill and cosy streets and squares on old town. I will betray a secret: Cracow’s legends contain not only magic, you will hear some interesting historical facts too!

For whom?

Children will love it! I recommend it to everyone who is passionate about fantastic stories, fairytales, magic or just exploring the city in an alternative way.

Duration: about 2 hours or more

Some of stories, which you will hear during this walking tour:

  • Why we have so many pigeos in Cracow, especially on Main Market Square?
  • Who is “Lajkonik”? When you have the chance to meet him in Cracow nowadays?
  • Which Cracow’s ghosts could terrify you?
  • In which place in Cracow one of your dreams could come true?
  • Where you can find a treasure?
  • Who is Mr Twardowski and how he was making jokes about… devil?