Krakow classic no. 1 – The Royal Route

The route leads through the most beautiful corners of the Old Town, among others we will see Barbakan, City Defensive Walls, Main Market Square, St. Mary’s Basilica, Kraków Cloth Hall. We will walk along Florianska, Grodzka and Kanonicza streets.

For whom?

For everybody and above all:
– ideal for children, because of the abundance of legends and fascinating history
– for those, who are busy, living in Kraków, walking a thousand times through the Old Town, not knowing its history
– for you, who are for the first time in Kraków or willing to explore the most about the city in the optimal amount of time and see the most beautiful part of it.

Duration: 2 hours (visiting of churches’ and other objects’ interiors is not included)

More than 2 hours – for individual setup prior to the trip, if you want to visit objects located on the route. In case of this option, please calculate entry tickets fees additionally to the trip cost:
St. Mary’s Basilica – 5-10 PLN/person
The Bugle Call Tower– 10-15 PLN/person
The Belfry of St. Mary’s Basilica – 15 PLN/person

Droga Krolewska